Third Year

This is my blog from semester 4 of second year and I won’t be adding any more to it.

My most recent research and work is on my new blog: NoyS5


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La Biennale di Venezia

Then i travelled to Venice and at the airport just after passport checks there was an interesting advert on the floor which produced butterflies on whatever area you stepped on, i have  some photos on my phone and if i can get a card-reader any time soon i’ll put one on!

I managed to spend one day looking around the Biennale which was absolutely brilliant but one day was definitely not nearly enough time to see and appreciate everything!


First I went to the Arsenale where my favorites were Lygia Pape’s Golden threds, Aleksandra Mir, Yona Friedman, Cildo Meireles, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Anawana Haloba, Chu Yun, Keren Cytter…

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I have been away for about five weeks at Glastonbury and in italy, i have just returned home, these are a few things i encountered during my travels!

At Glastonbury we were in an area called trash city and we came across two guys wearing these suits:

sound suits

the suits were brilliant, you use the spoon you can see to press different parts of the suit (either the legs,chest, arms etc) and as you press that area a sample of a song or a sound is played (maybe what the person before you recorded i wasn’t quite sure). and if you wanted you could record yourself making a sound into the microphone he’s holding and then they would make one area (e.g their arm) make that sound when you pressed there with the spoon. This was great as we could make lots of mixes of sounds etc with two people and the spoons!

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Documentation: Filming

I have asked many people to interact with the space, while filming from three angles.

filming the space

I think this should hopefully give me enough footage to make a good film of how the space works. I will edit it together over the next few days.

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Awareness project (lip reading): Context

My original idea was to create an interactive experience for a museum space, making the experience individual to each person. After a long development process, I decided to create a space which is about awareness of lip reading and the importance of making sure people can see your lips.


Within the space the participant is trying to listen to a story, but the speaker keeps turning away; which in turn means the audio cuts out. Then the participant has to move position to recover the sound. This is to show the frustration people with hearing difficulties have to endure when trying to lip read.


The space was not specifically aimed at a particular audience, but hopefully the engagement is simple enough for a large audience of people to understand and use easily. 


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Instructions for emergency set up!

On the desktop there is a flash file called rebecca, just click on this and it will come up in the center screen. Make the viewer fill all three screens. Then line the footage up so the center film is directly in the middle of the center screen. Then press down Control and use the roller on the mouse- this will act as a zoom function. use this to get it the right size and position. hopefully this will not  be needed!:D

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