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Instructions for emergency set up!

On the desktop there is a flash file called rebecca, just click on this and it will come up in the center screen. Make the viewer fill all three screens. Then line the footage up so the center film is directly in the middle of the center screen. Then press down Control and use the roller on the mouse- this will act as a zoom function. use this to get it the right size and position. hopefully this will not  be needed!:D


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Finished editing in final cut!

I finally finished the editing in final cut! After I captured the clips I needed somehow they were all out of sync! I have no idea how this happened??! ah well, I managed to get it all synced up nicely, with the amazing andy’s help of corse!!:D

chosen section.

I then edited all the clips separately using the low pass filter in final cut and it worked nicely to make it muffled.

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Final cut Ugh

it is not working at all it will not capture any amount of film, it either freezes or pretends that i didn’t capture anything at all!!!! AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhrg

i really hope Rolf can help me in the morning!! Please God.

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Final Filming!

I’ve done the final filming!! YAY! took longer on the setup so hopefully the angles will be much better!! worked out how to hopefully make it so the third camera does not have the black borders. I forgot to do a sound test at the beginning ugh!! but did one at the end so hopefully that will be enough.

filming final

Will download it tomorrow morning and start trying to decide which section to use, deciding mainly according to the pace at which the head turns and how interesting/fun the content is.

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I’m finding it hard to find anyone who has any plinths I can use, I could make some but I don’t think I have time!

So don’t really know what to do…

Tues 9th! Oh dear I have spent WAY too long looking for plinths!!! I found one! but now i need two more! Will ask third year fine artists, apparently they should have some…

Thurs 11th:I HAVE THREE PLINTHS!!!YAY!!! A lovely third year (steven) gave me two of his that he didn’t need any more!:D

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Final Week Plan!

these are DONE when coloured blue


  • 9.30-10.30 renew cameras etc.
  • edit footage from camera angle test and check it works.
  • set up tripods/cameras in the flexi-space.
  • make sure know what settings to put cameras on for the best quality that still work in flash.
  • check all cameras are on the same setting, portrait, do white balance.
  • do final filming using ms E and questions below.
  • download film & check it.
  • try to decide what section of film to use for final installation. 
  • ask someone about plinths!!


  • finish anything left over from monday.
  • GET PLINTHS and if not decide on another way to display screens at eye-level. I have three plinths!:D
  • Decide on what section of film to use.
  • edit three angles of film so they are in sync. Learnt from last week that it will take time.
  • start editing audio-finish it if possible. Also will take time.
  • paint plinths black if allowed.-don’t have time and white looks good.
  • discuss ways of hiding the menu bar at the top of the screens. 
  • tryout the final setup, see how it looks.


  • 9.30-10.30 renew equipment if still need it. If definite that I don’t, return it.
  • finish editing film and audio. Sort out any problems that are certain to come up!!
  • put films into flash and try to make it work with the pressure pads.
  • Do a tester with someone interacting with the screens in the final set up.
  • Decide on where I want to put the cameras to film people interacting with the screens.
  • Sort out how to hide menu bar and how to cover white wires from pressure pads (black tape?)


  • Finish the final set-up and check that everything is working.
  • Sort out any problems.
  • set up cameras to film people interacting with the piece.
  • make a short written set of instructions of how to restart the installation.
  • Hand in sketchbook and Context for work. 


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I managed to download the sound from the recorder but it had not recorded properly! So I can’t use that.

I downloaded all the video clips, some i can’t use because they are not filmed well enough. I edited the audio for some of the clips but when i click off the audio it doesn’t work for some reason? 

I found that today everything was a lot more time consuming than i had first hoped! hopefully tomorrow will go better!

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