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Awareness project (lip reading): Context

My original idea was to create an interactive experience for a museum space, making the experience individual to each person. After a long development process, I decided to create a space which is about awareness of lip reading and the importance of making sure people can see your lips.


Within the space the participant is trying to listen to a story, but the speaker keeps turning away; which in turn means the audio cuts out. Then the participant has to move position to recover the sound. This is to show the frustration people with hearing difficulties have to endure when trying to lip read.


The space was not specifically aimed at a particular audience, but hopefully the engagement is simple enough for a large audience of people to understand and use easily. 



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lip reading

Continuing with the idea of two points of view, I have been looking at the different senses. I have become interested with the connection between sight and sound and have started to look at lip reading. I thought it might be interesting to do something on making people aware of the difficulties of having to try and lip-read. This means I can make it educational as well as interesting hopefully. 

I could split it into sections with the different things that make it hard to lip read such as mumbling, turning away or putting your hands over the mouth or shouting.

National Foundation for the Deaf Commercial

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